How to Survive the Mid-Year School Struggle

February 7, 2018
MindYourMotherhood - Northshore Moms Blog | Mid-Year School Struggles

OHHHH… We’re (more than) Halfway There!

It seems like it was just yesterday we were posting first day photos of our babies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter- whatever. Fresh new supplies, crisp new uniforms, and bright new shoes adorned those little angels as they loaded onto those big yellow buses. Some parents danced in the joy of their long awaited freedom. Some wept; clinging to their children like little life preservers, kissing and hugging them all the way to their classroom desk….then stalked them outside of their classroom window. Others packed up the children that they have spent every.single.moment.with ALL SUMMER LONG into their vehicles, and lugged them along to work with them, (cheers to you- #teachermoms).

Nonetheless, here we are, already halfway through the school year! My how things have quickly settled in! Long gone are those new supplies! Crisp new uniforms? My own children look like they are wearing uniforms that they found….possibly from a dumpster…last month. Don’t even get me started on the shoes! I just can’t understand what it is that they do to them! I swear I think my kids turn their shoes upside down on their feet and drag them around on the concrete all day.

My point is, we always start out every year with this grandiose idea of what we imagine our child’s school year should look like. We prepare for it. We get them ready for it with everything we think they could possibly need. As soon as the school year begins, it seems as though life moves in fast-forward. Before we know it, grades are falling behind and behaviors are changing.  As a parent and a teacher, I see this happen all of the time. Trust me, I get it. I do know what it is like to have more than one child and work a full-time job. I also know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck.

LIFE HAPPENS and everyone falls behind. How can we break the never-ending cycle? How can we keep our kids on track when we can barely keep our own heads above water?

The answer isn’t ever so simple. The truth is- we can’t. We just have to keep going. (I know, not what you wanted to hear!) WHATEVER YOU DO…..DON’T QUIT! Don’t let those kids catch you slipping!

So for this first blog post, I would like to help out my parent friends that are feeling a little overwhelmed right now with kids and school. I am going to give you guys some tips that have worked for me and for parents that I have worked with in the past. Hopefully it will help you as well. Remember, your kids WILL live up to your expectations- but consistency is the key. No matter how exhausting it is. IT IS WORTH IT!

MindYourMotherhood - Northshore Blog | School and Studying tips

**Before you start these tips, you should consider a rewards/consequence system for your child. WRITE IT DOWN and post it somewhere that both you and your child can see it in the home. This helps them to remember and stay organized. It will also help you stay consistent in your expectations and hold you accountable to your word. **

Parents Guide to Survival/Success

  1. If your child has a homework planner/agenda/notebook, it is your job to check it each and every night. It’s your child’s job to write assignments/reminders in their planner/agenda daily. (Elementary and Middle school ages; if your child is struggling in Jr. High- make them show you their homework planner nightly as well!)
    1. If you notice that your child is NOT writing in their planner, you should talk to them about it. Set some expectations.
  2. Make sure you have your child’s teacher contact information. E-MAIL IS ALWAYS the BEST WAY TO CONTACT MOST TEACHERS.
    • We usually cannot take calls during the day and can rarely get to the office to call you back.
    • E-mail addresses are listed on school websites.
  3. When your child has homework, CHECK-IT OVER  WITH THEM! (This is sooooooo important!)
    • Many parents say they don’t understand how to “do” the homework. We get that too. BUT- call someone who can help. YouTube a video tutorial to help. E-mail the teacher for additional links to help. Show your child that giving up is not an option! (I will share a LOT of homework resources, tips, and websites in my next post! Stay tuned.)
  4. When your child makes mistakes on a test- make corrections! -Seriously- even if it was just a few problems. Even if it never changes the grade. It HELPS THEM LEARN!!  (I can promise you this, if it doesn’t help them learn the first few times you do this; it will definitely annoy them enough to make them work harder the next time!)
    • If your child’s teacher does not allow him/her to make corrections on the test, rewrite the problem/questions for them on a separate sheet of paper to solve/answer.
    • Create several problems/questions that are similar to those that your child is struggling with. Practice with them on that skill often.
  5. Reward Success!
    1. No matter how many times your child succeeds- praise them! Even if your child is always an honor roll student- praise them! Let them know how much you appreciate their dedication.
    • Math facts: No matter what skill kids are working on, basic facts are ALWAYS important. So, get some flash cards or call out some facts. Do this in the car or while you’re cooking. Teach them the “old-school” way that we used flash cards.
    • Let them use computer time to play learning games that practice skills they are using in class.
    • Dump some sugar onto a cookie sheet and let them use their fingers to “write” facts into the sugar for you to see. This can also be used for practicing spelling words. You can scoop/pour the sugar back into a bag to use again later.
    • Play good old-fashioned board games that increase literacy, like: Scrabble, Mad-Libs, and Cranium.
  7. READ! Read to them. Have them read to you. Take turns reading. ALL.OF.THE.TIME. This provides quality time together and quality learning.
  8. Help them stay organized. Check their book bags, folders, binders, pencil boxes, etc. Help them keep materials organized so that they can find what they need each day. Trust me; this is often half the battle in the classroom for some students every day.

When it comes to kids, it really does take a village! Just remember, you are absolutely not the only one about to rip your hair out. The fact that you have even read this post to this point shows that you care-(either that or you’re really bored…).

So, hang in there guys! We are halfway there! (Yay for me, boo for you!) Let me know what you would like for me to share in my next post. Please share questions, comments, concerns. I would love your feedback. Until then, have a fantastic Mardi Gras season!

Yours Truly,

That Teachermom

Rolling Cones Ice Cream – Rolling Into the Northshore Scene

January 22, 2018
Rolling Cones Ice Cream Trailer - Mandeville LA

Have you have seen the Rolling Cones ice cream trailer parked on the side of Florida Street? I’ve been following them on Instagram watching all the delicious activity. When they reached out to get featured on our Insta page, I was curious and excited to learn more about the company.

From the colorful and creative graphics I thought for sure they would be a chain or corporate business, but as it turns out, Rolling Cones is a family owned local company run by Misty, her husband and two daughters. The family has moved around the country for almost twenty years following Misty’s husband’s career in the military.

After staying home with our two girls when they were little, I became a surgical tech. I loved my job, but dreamed of owning my own business. After years of searching for the right opportunity, my husband and I saw a reality show that featured a mobile ice cream parlor. I loved the idea and hadn’t seen anything like it.

Misty contacted the Pennsylvania based ice cream business online and ended up connecting with the owner. The owner answered the many questions everyone has when first opening a business and helped Misty make the leap from idea to reality.

The custom Rolling Cones ice cream trailer was completed and they received the first ice cream order in August of 2017. Misty’s daughters loved helping with the design and now as teenagers enjoy scooping ice cream and interacting with customers.

Rolling Cones Ice Cream - Mandeville

In the last six months, we’ve had a great time rolling up to birthday parties, employee appreciation days, corporate events, food truck round ups, and movie sets! I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!

Book Rolling Cones ice cream for your next party, event, or wedding (how sweet!) by visiting

Find out where they will be next and experience this unique ice cream parlor for yourself by following them on Facebook @RollingConesIceCream and Instagram @rollingconesicecream.


Rolling Cones Ice Cream - Weddings and Events Mandeville LA

2017 September Events on the Northshore

September 8, 2017

Looking for things to do with the kiddos over the next few weekends? No need to spend hours digging around though different calendars. Here’s a list of fun activities you can do without heading to far away from home. We will add more as we find them, or feel free to comment and let us know what you are doing for weekend fun!


September 8th
Parents’ Night Out! (6pm-10pm; Aldersgate UMC Children’s Ministry, Slidell) – The AUMC Children’s Ministry is hosting our 1st Parents’ Night Out event! Children Ages 3 – 12 , $20 per child. Pizza, Bounce House, Games, and a Movie. Registration Forms are available in the church office and by emailing:


September 9th
Relay for Life of West St Tammany (11:30am – 9pm: Lakeview Medical Center, Covington) – Join us for a fun family day, where all proceeds go to cancer research and programs for cancer patients.

Northshore Women’s Expo (10am – 4pm; Castine Center, Mandeville) – Enjoy a day especially designed for you to relax, refresh and rejuvenate! Featuring vendors, a fabulous fashion show, guest speakers and so much more. Adult $10, Youth: $5

St. Tammany Crab Festival 2017 (Sept 9-10th, 11am -10pm; Heritage Park, Slidell) – Each Year, the ST. Tammany Crab Festival presents a wide variety of good food, wholesome family fun and entertainment, making it the largest and most diverse family oriented event on Louisiana’s north shore.

STPCA’s Blood Drive & Car Show For Liam Dawsey (9am -3pm; Covington Trailhead, Covington) – This year, Lifeshare’s Blood Bus will be on-site & all blood donated will be given to little Liam Dawsey of Covington, La. Liam was diagnosed with Pre B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on January 24, 2017. If you would like to stay up-to-date on Liam’s journey through ALL. his facebook page is

Super Hero Run (7:30am -10am; TerraBella Village, Covington) – 5K and 1 mile fun run at TerraBella hosted by Run for Home.


September 15th
Kids Night Out! (6pm-10pm; X Fusion Family Arena, Covington) – Drop your children off ages 4-15 to enjoy activities such as: Black Light Rock Climbing, Zip Line, Obstacle Course, Recreational Sports, Ninja Tunnel, Pizza/Movie, Arena Games. $30 per child 6-10pm or $20 or 2hrs of your choice ask for sibling discounts!


September 16th
Pollination Celebration 2017 (9am -3pm; Hammond Research Station, Hammond) – Speakers, hands-on activities, fun, food and shopping for the entire family. Learn more about pollinators, make a hummingbird feeder or bee house and visit the Auduvon BugMobile.

Northshore on Tap (1pm -5pm; Northshore Harbor Center, Slidell) – We are proud to announce that the focus of this year’s festival will be the home brewers! With such a positive response about our home brewers area last year, we are expanding it this year.


September 22nd
Nerf Rival Battle (4:30pm -6pm; X Fusion Family Arena, Covington) – Ages 6-up are welcome to come enjoy our Nerf Rival Battle from 4:30-6pm on Friday September 22nd. Only $10 for admission.


September 23rd
Touch a Truck (10am – 1pm; Church of the King, Mandeville) – Touch a Truck is a family event where kids and adults have the opportunity to see, touch, interact with and learn about dozens of vehicles.


September 29th
Brews Arts Festival 2017 (5pm – 9pm; Hammond Regional Art Center, Hammond) – HRAC’s 8th annual Brews Arts Festival brings together local artists and local artisan beers, and will take place behind the Arts Center in the Morrison Alley Parking Lot off North Cypress St. in downtown Hammond.

Parent’s Night Out Art & Pizza Party (6:30pm -8:30pm; Brushworks Academy of Covington) – Art project with pizza and drinks. $45/child (supplies and pizza included).


September 30th
Play It Safe (10am -1pm; Cate Square Park, Hammond) – The goal of Play It Safe is to increase safety awareness through education, demonstrations and activities for families with children ages 12 and under.


Did we miss an event? Please let us know in the comments and we will update our list.

The Lethal Ladies – Northshore Roller Derby

August 30, 2017

Attention Northshore mommas, do you like dressing up? Do you imagine yourself violently pushing your way through a crowd of people walking too slowly ahead of you? Do you like raising money to help cute little animals? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then I have an awesome announcement for you!

Introducting; the Lethal Ladies Northshore Roller Derby team. Yes, Roller Derby..on the Northshore. I found the Leathal Ladies on Facebook after Curt Sprang from WGNO News with a Twist did a news piece on them a few weeks ago. I found it very interesting and thought some other mommas would like to get involved.

The Northshore Roller Derby League is an opportunity for southeast Louisiana ladies to be a part of a sport that has been empowering women since the 1940’s.   It’s Mission is to provide a place for all women to challenge and strengthen themselves physically and mentally through the sisterhood of roller derby, while supporting the community through volunteering and raising money for local charities.

“We are a family friendly, yet fun loving team. We love playing roller derby and our team is a tight knit sisterhood. We take pride in being strong empowered women and we aim to empower other women, both on and off of the track”

If you want to see The Lethal Ladies in action, their next bout (game)  is at the Castine Center in Mandeville, Saturday September 30 against the CENLA Derby Dames. It is the last game of the season and the theme is “GLOW – Gorgeous Ladies On Wheels” like the women wrestlers. Everyone is strongly encouraged to dress up in their best wrestling attire. There will be a costume contest at the end of the bout!

The Lethal Ladies will be having a new recruit class starting in mid October for all women interested in roller derby. For more information about joining the team, you can email

Follow the Lethal Ladies on your favorite social media account:
Facebook: Northshore Roller Derby
Instagram: @northshorerollerderby
Snapchat: LethalLadies985



Looking for Mom Bloggers on the Northshore!

August 11, 2017

We are looking for local professional moms to write for the newest Northshore blog. We have fun topics each month and no stress deadlines. Use your own persona, ghost write, or guest post.

Here are some of the topics we are looking for writers to cover:

  • St. Tammany Parish Rocks!
  • New restaurant reviews (El Paso, Comebackburger, Chicken Salad Chick)
  • Review of Covington’s White Linen night or Hammond’s Hot August Night
  • Back to School (Love it? Hate it? Tell us Why!)
  • How-to’s (install car seats, swaddling, folding a fitted sheet, household and life hacks)
  • Pinterest success or fail stories
  • Business Advice column (Looking for professionals in their field to offer advice on the following; Accounting, Marketing, Legal, IT, Staffing, Banking ,etc)

If you have other items or topics you would like to write about or review, let us know! You can contact us here.